About us

About usAzienda Agricola BIO Girardi

Passion for nature, respect for authenticity

The company Girardi is a young and dynamic reality born in 2013 from the desire to create something concrete that could be handed down over time: the passion for nature, the respect for authenticity and the willing to offer at the same time excellent and healthy products.

The story of the company started recently but our family has always been connected with the natural world expecially with the bee one. From the very beginning we have chosen the biological method to produce our jams and honeys. The green leaf is for us not only just a symbol but a true philosophy of life and work.

Authentic flavors and aromas

We always pay a lot of attention and time to the health of our bees carefully choosing all the areas without pollution and completely surrounded by nature.

It is in these places, between high mountains and the Venetian lagoon, that bees transform the precious nectar of flowers into tasty honeys.

At the end, with care and dedication, what is obtained are pure and high quality honeys that evoke the places of production and that , with every taste, bring back to mind authentic flavors and aromas.